Collection: Stutterheim

Founded on what they recall being a grey and rainy day in Stockholm in 2010, STUTTERHEIM was born out of the ambition to, not only keep Swedes dry — but to combine modern Scandinavian design with European craftsmanship. Since then they have evolved into a Swedish lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from the urban landscape of Stockholm and keeps large parts of the globe dry in all weather. Every product is still designed and prototyped in Stockholm, where they evaluate, refine and redesign — to keep an aesthetic that has a strong modern identity. The manufacturing of products is located in Europe, keeping production as local as possible, without compromising on quality.

Today, under the leadership of Lee Cotter, Creative Director & CEO, the brand will continue the concept of well-made, durable products, staying true to their design ethos — to create modern classics that last, outliving trends and harsh weather alike.